Trauma healing

Trauma healing with NARM® (neuroaffective relational model)

NARM is a resource-oriented therapy method developed by the American psychologists Dr. Laurence Heller and uses an integrative approach to focus on the nervous system and on research into survival strategies.

Our abilities, strengths and resilience are explored together and our nervous system is regulated.

A focus of NARM is the five basic biological needs for contact, attunement to our basic needs, trust, autonomy, love & sexuality.
When these important needs in child development are not adequately nourished, self-regulation, identity & self-esteem suffer. As small beings, we adjust our unmet needs accordingly. In the NARM model we call it "survival strategies" or "adaptation patterns". These survival strategies deeply affect our identity, emotions, behavior, and relationships. What was a clever adaptation strategy in childhood can have a disruptive, stressful and even devastating effect in adulthood.

With the support of NARM, the adaptation patterns can mature so that we no longer feel like a victim of our own history. Identity distortions such as low self-esteem, shame and chronic self-judgment can dissolve, while relationship skills and healthy expressions of our own vitality grow.

The spontaneous movement in all of us aims at contact. No matter how withdrawn & isolated we may be, and no matter the severity of the trauma we have experienced - just like a plant spontaneously turns to the sun - there is an impulse towards connection within each of us at the deepest level. This organismic impulse is the driving force of Dr L. Heller's NARM work.

Trauma healing with Somatic Experiencing®

Physical and emotional injuries caused by accident, surgery, disease, violence, natural disaster, experience of war, or a painful loss may lead to a highly increased level of energy in the nervous system. This in turn may manifest in psychological or physical stress symptoms such as whiplash trauma, depression, panic attacks, indigestion, hyper-arousal, sleeping disorders, etc... These may occur as a consequence, if the natural survival instinct and defense reaction of the nervous system to a traumatic incident could not be fully completed or accomplished for whatever reason.

If the inherent regulating forces of the nervous system are not able to cope with the threat, the nervous system continuously sends the signal to be stuck in danger.

Somatic Experiencing, developed by Dr. Peter Levine is a holistic profound method to overcome and resolve shock and trauma. Therefore the compressed activating energy held within the body will gently be invited to be freed.
Together the revitalization of the physical survival- and defense mechanism will be explored step by step in a sensitive way and enables one to leave the freeze, the state of exhaustion and hyper-arousal back to the original joy of life, back to full vitality, back to connection with oneself, and to reconnect with the environment and one's full potential.

This verbal bodywork can be done with or without touch.

„A Trauma suppresses the unfolding of life. It disrupts our connection to ourselves and with other people, with nature and with our spiritual source“ Peter A. Levine